At some point, firing a business partner is part of your reality as an entrepreneur. Gain the knowledge you need to let go of bad business partners forever. An effective agent will not rush the process, even if the partners are eager for a change. A hastily found solution is less likely over time. As a result, the agent may begin to talk separately with partners who do not like each other in order to promote rational thinking. In extreme cases, partners are never allowed to meet. In most cases, however, the officer brings the partners together at the right time to make the decisions available to them. Regardless of the forum, the actions of the agent and the entire process of finding solutions should be based on these premises: a partner who has no contact with the company is a burden. Home » Economy » Signs of a bad business partner Invite your partner to discuss the business over lunch or coffee. For small business owners and operators, every decision can seem big and often deeply personal. If your partner disagrees with you on a topic that is important to you, it can be very easy to stop them and go into combat mode. But finding patience, taking a break, breathing, and considering your partner`s position will be a determining factor in whether the dispute is resolved quickly and painlessly. Think about the bigger picture: you entered into this partnership because you both shared a vision for the company and each brought strengths.

If you appreciate your partner as a whole, you need to appreciate their perspective on the subject, even if you disagree with them. Too often, entrepreneurs bypass the discussion of personal compensation. By avoiding the subject, one partner may feel that the other is benefiting. Setting clear and fair standards can help save the relationship, or it may be clear that it`s not working. The terms of termination of the partnership must be documented in a letter of termination from the partnership. Keep this in mind when considering other opportunities you can take advantage of by working with this person. There are other reasons to sell to third parties. The company may have reached a point beyond the management capacity of either partner. Or neither partner is able to finance a purchase on terms acceptable to the other. Or, in case of extreme disappointment, neither partner can bear the possibility that the other, as sole proprietor, can run the business in a very profitable way. It would be unbearable for the salesman to meet his rich former partner at the country club.

Everyone has a personal agenda, and that`s just part of the business. But after receiving your money, you have no news of him. Set limits on your level of interaction with a difficult person. It will be wise of you to include not only a buyback plan, but also ownership clauses when drafting the commercial contract. Sometimes a neutral third party is what is needed to resolve a dispute. For this reason, the whole field of mediation exists. Mediators are trained to handle disputes of all kinds, and using one can lead to a cleaner dispute, faster resolution, and a more favorable outcome for both parties. If the result is a compromise, a mediator can ensure that each party gives up a good amount and that no one leaves the negotiating table and feels scammed. In one situation, two partners were fiercely at odds for three years.

From time to time, they tried to express their differences, but to no avail. One partner offered to buy the other or reluctantly sell it at the same price. The other refused to buy or sell. At that time, the company`s lawyer, respected by both, played a more active role. Previously, he had advised: «Settle your differences. You are both reasonable people. Conflicts occur in marriages. Many couples solve them. Try harder. But over time, the lawyer switched to, «Well, I see you`re not going to get together. You are both suffering.

I advise you to submit sealed offers. It contains, among other relevant information, the obligations, liabilities and percentage of profit of each partner. Business partners bring their individual assets to raise capital. When the final accounts are approved and all liabilities are settled, the remaining money is divided among the ex-partners. When meeting with business partners, it`s ideal that you discuss these things as well. Your partner needs to commit to your common success, not just his own. When it comes to actions, this is the only way for you to get rid of a partnership that no longer works. If partners cannot agree on a logical survivor or negotiated prices and terms, they may be able to resolve their differences through some form of auction. The choice is as follows: conflicting personalities, conflicting values and different goals can destroy progress between trading partners.

In cases where a buyout or dissolution seems inevitable, you should be prepared to hire accountants and legal experts to determine the value of the business. This is important when determining a potential tender offer or asset allocation after the dissolution of the company. Unlike normal employees, partners do not receive a salary. A legal partnership agreement helps define the scope of a person`s participation in the company. So do your homework before entering into a partnership and protect yourself by having termination clauses in the contract. Don`t let yourself be manipulated so easily. Always try to motivate yourself and find ways to improve yourself in everything you do. Now, if you don`t own the most shares, get the support of other partners. This way, you have enough overall shares to reach the majority.

If your values and thoughts are not compatible with those of your partner, it would be virtually impossible to agree on anything. In this case, there are many advantages to meeting business partners before anything is finished. In the event that a partner dies suddenly, it should be clear in the partnership contract where his actions will go. There is no better solution if the partners do not agree. Professional and personal considerations must be carefully taken into account to find a solution adapted to each case. However, this can only happen if partners are willing to accept a solution process without strong biases, which will help them carefully consider goals and options. Before you start bringing people together and thinking about your next big company, be sure to take a step back and think. One of the signs of a bad business partner is that they are not making the same effort for the project. .